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Manufacturers of high quality electric fencing:

  • Electric Fencing Tape
  • Electric Fencing Polywire
  • Electric Fencing Rope
  • Electric Fencing Braid

Our extensive production includes own brand and private label specifications. We supply¬†products with specifications tailored to each customer’s particular requirements and market sector.

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Electric Fencing Tape >>

Electric Fence Tapes are used for maximum visabilty fences. We manufature Tapes in a wide variety of specifications, so whether you are putting in a permanent system for your Horses or subdividing a paddock for temporary grazing, we will have a Tape to meet your needs!

Electric Fencing Polywire >>

Electric Fence Polywire is perfect for strip grazing and temporary installations. Suitable for all livestock. All products displayed are available in various lengths and colours. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

Electric Fencing Rope >>

Electric fence rope is perfect for portable and semi-permanent installations. Good visibility. More suitable than tape in exposed windy locations. Ideal for use with cattle, horses, sheep, goats and deer.

Electric Fencing Polybraid

Electric Fence Polybraid is a made with a unique plaited construction. It makes for a high quality long life fence. It is less inclined to twist or kink when being moved or installed.